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Swamp White Oak Trees



The Swamp White Oak is a stunning, stately deciduous tree that grows rapidly to a mature height of ~60′ with similar canopy width. As its name suggests, the swamp white oak is adapted to moist sites like wetlands and river edges with acidic soil, but it is surprisingly resilient under drought conditions. It produces acorns that are approximately 1″ in length that are encapsulated by a cap that covers nearly half of the nut. It is well known for producing acorns with very few tannins, meaning they are the sweeter and easier to digest for wildlife. It is a favorite of whitetail deer, ducks, turkeys, and squirrels. This oak transplants extremely well and produces stunning fall color, making it a particularly attractive tree for landscape projects.

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If you're looking to buy Swamp White Oak trees, our selection includes these stunning, stately deciduous trees for sale that grow rapidly to a mature height of ~60', providing ample shade and beauty. As its name suggests, the Swamp White Oak is adapted to moist sites like wetlands and river edges with acidic soil, making it an ideal choice for deer habitat. Surprisingly resilient under drought conditions, these swamp white oak trees for sale offer a reliable option for landscapes. With their acorns approximately 1" in length and low tannin content, they are a favorite food source for whitetail deer and other wildlife such as ducks, turkeys, and squirrels. Furthermore, this oak variety transplants exceptionally well and showcases stunning fall colors, further enhancing its appeal for landscaping projects.

To increase each plant's success rate, our plants are shipped in fully-rooted 5-gallon containers rather than bare-root or seedling. You don't have to plant them right away, but can instead wait for the ideal day.
Common Name Swamp White Oak
Scientific Name Quercus bicolor
Wildlife Value Cover, Acorns, Fruit
Size 5 Gallon Rooted Container
Height 5-7'


Zone 3-9 Vegetation.
USDA Zone 3 - 9

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4-5', 5 Gallon Rooted Container