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Gobbler Sawtooth Oak



A wide-ranging tree that is adaptable to a diverse array of habitats, from the baking hot, dry limestone “Hill Country” of central Texas to moist floodplain margins in central Florida, while also enduring the cold winters in the northern extent of its range from Iowa to southern New England. Over time it will produce shoots from the roots, forming a colony of trunks that provide valuable cover for wildlife. The orange fruit which can range up to the size of a small plum, begin ripening in fall and are often retained on the tree after leaf drop well into December in southern latitudes. Note that this species has separate male and female plants, so to ensure fruit production multiple plants of our unsexed saplings should be sited near each other to increase the chances that both sexes will be present.

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Introducing our latest addition, the Gobbler Sawtooth Oak! Standing 35-45 feet tall with a rounded, pyramidal shape, this deciduous giant showcases bright yellow-green spring leaves and autumn hues from dull yellow to brown. A prolific producer, it yields smaller yet abundant acorns, making it a wildlife favorite. Thriving in well-drained, acid soil and adaptable to various conditions, these oaks grow rapidly in full sun. Cold hardy from USDA plant zones 5-9, they start acorn production around age 6. Perfect for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, Gobbler Sawtooths provide an early-season bounty for deer and turkeys. Plant a grove for a low-impact, easily accessible hunting spot near your cabin or property perimeter. To increase each plant's success rate, our plants are shipped in fully-rooted 5-gallon containers rather than bare-root or seedling. You don't have to plant them right away, but can instead wait for the ideal day.
Common Name Gobbler Sawtooth Oak
Scientific Name Quercus acutissima
Wildlife Value Cover, Fruit
Fruiting Requirements Separate male and female plants required
Fruiting Time Fall
Size 5 Gallon Rooted Container
Height 4-6'


USA Zone 5 - 9
Exposure Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Once Established Medium

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3-4', 5 Gallon Rooted Container