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Smooth Sumac Trees



The sumac fruit is persistent on the shrub into winter. While the fruit may not be a favorite wildlife food, it is an important winter survival food. Birds, insects, and deer all use this shrub. It is the host for the hairstreak butterfly caterpillar. Deer will forage on the stems and fruit and birds will eat the berries in winter.

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Attracting numerous birds, small mammals, insects and deer, Smooth sumac (Rhus glabra) is a great addition to your wildlife habitat. Grown throughout most of the U.S.(zones 4-10) Smooth sumac is a thicket-forming shrub or small tree that is extremely adaptable to various soil and growing conditions. Flowers late spring to early summer, with yellowish-green upright cone shaped panicles, followed by a picturesque display of brilliant red berries in the fall. With fruit remaining on the shrub into winter, Sumac provides an essential source of nourishment for wildlife, as Whitetail deer and rabbits browse on the twigs and foliage and birds eat the berries.
Common Name Smooth Sumac
Scientific Name Rhus glabra
Wildlife Value Cover,Hardwood,Fruit
Size 5 Gallon Rooted Container
Height 5-6'


USDA Zone 5-8
Exposure Full sun to partial shade
Drought Tolerance Once Established Medium

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3-4', 5 Gallon Rooted Container