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Mexican Plum



Despite the name, this hardy, drought-tolerant plum is also native to a large portion of east-central US from Texas and Alabama north to Iowa and Illinois. Compared with our Chickasaw Plum, Mexican Plum is a tree-forming species to approximately 25 feet tall with a reasonably dense crown of dull green foliage that fades to yellow in fall. It has a single trunk and won’t form a thicket. It can produce quite heavy crops of small plums that all forms of wildlife enjoy, and fruits mature slightly later than the Chickasaw. Deer will also browse the foliage on this deciduous tree from spring through fall. Like most plums, it is best to plant two or more individuals near each other to greatly increase the chances of pollination that will lead to a heavy fruit set. Lastly, the Mexican Plum is well known for its striking white blooms that cover the tree in early spring. In fact, its blooms signify the end of winters throughout its range.




Vegetation Zone 6-8 Green


“Over the last four decades, I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality wildlife plant materials, service and support for landowners and managers. I am proud to be associated with a truly full-service company as WildTree. Now you will have a one-stop-shopping resource for trees, shrubs and seeds that really work for YOUR area!”

“Frankly, I have been disappointed in the lack of research and development by many of the companies that offer plants for wildlife! For many, “research” means scouring the earth for new plants you never heard of, and there is no research or testing as to the effectiveness. Serving the landowner and manager is not just marketing, it is about delivering on a promise; and, providing support to assure success.”

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