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Chinese Chestnut Trees



Not only do deer love Chinese chestnuts, but you will find them tasty as well. They can be eaten roasted, boiled, or sautéed. A prickly 2–3½” seed husk encloses 1-4 nuts and will yield a ripened nut crop from mid to late September all the way through October.

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The Chinese chestnut is a medium sized, deciduous flowering tree that reaches a mature height and spread of approximately 40 feet in a sunny, open exposure with well-drained soil. The Chinese chestnut tree is resistant to blight and consistently produces large crops of healthy, sweet, delicious nuts. It is quick to establish and performs well in most soil conditions and hardiness zones. The chestnut is the first choice of mast producing trees for white-tailed deer. That means that given the choice, deer prefer chestnuts over any and every acorn.
Common Name Chinese Chestnut
Scientific Name Castanea mollissima
Wildlife Value Cover, Fruit
Size 5 Gallon Rooted Container
Height 4-5'


Vegetation Zone 4-9 Green
USDA Zone 4-8
Exposure Full Sun
Drought Tolerance Once Established High

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4-5', 5 Gallon Rooted Container