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We know you want to grow the right trees and attract the right wildlife to your land. And we know how overwhelming it can be to decide where you should get your plants from.

You already know big box stores and landscaping nurseries won’t have the kinds of trees and shrubs preferred by wildlife, so you need to get the ones that are specifically intended for wildlife. And you probably Googled and found many sites that’ll ship plants to you. Problem solved, right?

Not so much. There’s more to consider. A major factor in determining your probability of success with your new trees and shrubs is how they’re shipped to you.

Some nurseries sell only seedlings or bare-root plants. However Wildtree delivers complete, containerized trees primed for planting. 

What is the difference between the way Wildtree delivers its products versus how other businesses do, and why is Wildtree better?

Firstly, we must define what a “bare root” is. Bare-root trees are grown in the ground under soft and loose soil, then yanked out of the ground and shipped. Many companies will do this because the weight of the root is much less than that of a tree, making transportation cheaper. The issue with bare roots though, is that they only work in winter, and when you get the trees, even if you have years of experience in planting bare-root, your window to plant the root from delivery to tree death is very small.

This means the customer will pay very little for the tree itself, but what they save in money they pay for in the diminished success rate of the tree. We’ve heard from many customers just like you who express the frustration of experiencing low survivability in their trees due to the small window given to them upon delivery.

Some customers even had issues with their tree before it was delivered to them. Despite their best efforts to deliver on time, freight companies will inevitably encounter conditions that impact delivery time, which is always a concern with perishable plants–especially with bare-root plants. It can be absolutely catastrophic. We cannot stress this enough, bare-root trees are less likely to successfully grow.

Plus, they take 1-2 years longer to bear fruit, and because they arrive unpruned, this will affect the strength of your crop.

At Wildtree, our plants are delivered to your door with complete, containerized root systems that allow great flexibility for planting and the highest survivability rates.

You don’t have to worry about your plant dying just because your shipment was delayed by a few days. Because our trees are delivered in the containers they are grown in, they can be maintained for weeks or even months prior to making their final journey to their permanent home.

They’ll bear fruit faster, too, since they’re more established than their bare-root counterparts.

So, to set yourself up for the greatest probability of having successful landscaping for wildlife, choose plants that will arrive with a self-contained root system with the soil it was grown in.

Wildtree trees and shrubs are wildlife preferred and are shipped in 5-gallon containers that set you up to achieve your land management goals. has just launched some new fruit bearing products as well, all benefitting from our methods. Check out our Fuji Apple Trees and our Methley Plum Trees. Also new is our Hill Country Persimmon Trees and Japanese Persimmon Trees

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