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Just like humans, deer have their preferred foods. They will go first to their favorite foods and then move to second-best choices.

Amongst the many kinds of cereal that a food plot can offer, deer prefer oats, so they happily graze on fresh oats before moving to other cereals like wheat and rye.

Wildlife orchards can sustain deer populations with food plots. Food plots provide deer with valued food sources when natural foods are no longer available. When acorns, apples, plums, and persimmons have disappeared, deer need food plots that have been planted specifically for in-between seasons. These food sources are crucial in later winter and late summer until new food grows on trees and bushes.

Oats are a significant source of protein and carbohydrates, especially for deer looking for food in late fall and early winter. Not only are they important for deer survival, but they also revive the soil for spring planting.

How Nutritious Are Oats?

Oats contain up to 25% protein and are equally high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates keep deer warm in winter and provide them with energy. Protein builds their muscles and bones and keeps them healthy. Because of this, oats offer white-tailed deer the perfect nutritional combination for muscle growth and body strength.  

When Should I Plant Oats for Deer?

Oats are generally planted in late summer. However, the exact planting season depends on your local climate.

Landowners in northern states should plant in late August or early September. In warmer climates, oats can be planted from September to early October.

The great advantage of oats is that they grow and germinate fast. Within two weeks, the oat seeds will start growing, giving green shoots.

Do Oats Last Throughout the Year?

Oats are a cold-season annual that requires moisture and well-drained soils. However, most oats will not survive harsh winters. Oats will provide your deer population with welcome nutrition until heavy snow and cold set in.

Wildtree has developed a partnership with Buck Forage Oats that are freeze-tolerant and germinate quickly. They are also slower at growing their hard stems, which deer find indigestible and unpleasant. You will have a fresh, tender food source for your deer throughout most of the winter.

Where Should I Plant Oats in My Food Plot?

We suggest you plant your oats in an area that your deer already visit a lot. The location will be familiar to them and they will immediately find their preferred food instead of having to go look for it.

The foremost reason you want to plant in a familiar location is for deer to remain on your land for as long as possible. Instead of them wandering off looking for food to browse on, they will come to your plot, which they already know, and find their preferred food.

The purpose of growing a wildlife orchard is to have a steady deer population living on your land. Deer will stay at a location if they can find food, water, and shelter throughout the seasons. Oats ensure that deer are fed and stay on your land in late fall and early winter.

What Do Deer Like in Oats?

Deer find oats sweet tasting, which makes them highly appealing. While oats can reach up to 2 feet in height, deer tend to find mature oats less appetizing than younger ones. They usually prefer young oat shoots that are 3 to 6 inches tall.

Stems make oats less palatable and digestible for white-tailed deer, hence their preference for softer oats. The fewer stems oats have, the better for deer.

Oats Are a Low-Cost Food Source

Oats are great for deer and excellent for your budget. Instead of trying novel crops and unusual food plot products that may not appeal to deer, you can plant oats, which are cheap and have proven popular with deer.

Buck Forage Oats have decades of research behind them and are resistant to overgrazing. They are pest- and disease- resistant, which is another bonus for your wallet.

Deer Love Oats

Instead of seeing deer choose your neighbor’s land rather than yours, attract them to your wildlife orchard with Buck Forage Oats. Give white-tailed deer the food they crave and see them parade on your land.

The point of a food plot is to deliver food that deer like. Oats are a preferred food source for deer when other food sources have been depleted.

You don’t need to waste money on discovering new crops. We have done all the research for you and delivered Buck Forage Oats for guaranteed success with your deer population. 

Contact Wildtree online, call 346-707-6023, or email us at [email protected] to find out how Buck Forage Oats can help increase your deer population. We offer a 10% discount on orders over $1,000 and free shipping on all our orders.